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Easter is just a couple of days away and that means it is Easter basket and Easter egg hunt prep time. If you are looking for new and exciting idea to fill your Easter eggs without overdoing it on the candy, you are in luck. Here are some great Easter egg stuffers that will excite the kiddies without getting them all hyped-up on sugar.


  1. $$$
  2. Stickers
  3. A healthy snack - trail mix, cereal
  4. Gift Certificates
  5. Play doh
  6. Stick-on tattoos
  7. Easter socks
  8. Race cards
  9. Gum
  10. Hair clips (for girls)
  11. Marbles
  12. Jewelry
  13. Get out of chore coupons
  14. Grow capsules – kids love these. (These are little capsules that when you throw in water they expand into animals, etc.) 
  15. Sea shells
  16. Bubbles
  17. Army Men
  18. Rubber stamps
  19. Mini nail polish
  20. Chap stick

And if the traditional Easter egg hunt is a snore, spice it up this year with a fun new idea!


  1. Scavenger Hunt. Instead of letting the Easter Bunny deliver the Easter baskets this year, make your kids work for them. Have your kids wake up to find an egg with a clue that takes them to the next egg until they reach their Easter basket.
  2. Puzzles. Make your Easter egg hunt a family affair. Fill Easter eggs with individual puzzle pieces (a small puzzle) and color code each puzzle. Then give each family member an egg color that they must hunt. When the Easter egg hunt begins, each member must hunt for their Easter egg color and put their puzzle together. Whoever finishes their puzzle first wins an Easter prize.
  3. Pictures. This is a spin-off of the puzzle Easter egg hunt. Instead of using a puzzle, print out fun pictures and cut them into different shapes. Then give each person a color of Easter eggs they have to find. Each participant of the hunt must put the picture together, first person to solve the picture and shout out what the picture is wins.
  4. Find the person. Hide Easter eggs with all the adults names that are at the Easter egg hunt. When the kiddies find an egg they must go find the person who’s name is in the Easter egg. The person can either give them a gift or tell them a clue; to make it interesting mix it up between the two. Not only does this make it fun for the kids, the adults will enjoy this hunt too.

Do you have any Easter traditions?

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