Posted By Heather Rusick on 3/17/12 6:00 AM

Free st. patrick day fries at Burger King

First off, HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Now let’s get to the good stuff…

Burger King is sharing the luck of the Irish with all of their customers today and tomorrow. You can have it your way and get a FREE “pot” of fries with a side of green dipping sauce – woohoo! Don’t you just love free things?! The green dipping sauce is Irish ketchup aka Heinz dyed green, it tastes the same and the red stuff so there is nothing to fear. BK is just getting in the Irish spirit and we thank them for that. Hey, you don’t have to wear green or be Irish to feel lucky this weekend.

Just in case you are worried about calories and all the bad stuff that comes with fries, I have some good news. Burger Kings new fries, which were released last year, are only 240 calories per serving and are cooked in trans-fat-free-vegetable oil. The fries also have 20% lower sodium than the previous fries. Know I’m not saying fries are the healthiest of choices but it is hard to resist such a delicious creation, especially when they are free and come with green ketchup!

Shea Apartment Communities would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy St. Patrick's Day - Keep Calm and Pinch On.

Please remember to drink responsibly.

Are you going to head to BK to get some free fries and green ketchup?

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