Posted By Heather Rusick on 2/22/12 12:17 PM

food trucks

The food truck craze had exploded throughout Orange County and spread to various parts of California. Gourmet meals on wheels are all the rage, from Chinese food to good ‘ol fashion American. People cling to their Twitter accounts to find out where their favorite food trucks next destination will be. In front of apartment communities, in car wash parking lots and on random streets - where the food trucks go their fans will too! Food trucks are in, the lines are long, and the Twitter followers are by the masses. I have one question… Are you a foodie? If you answer yes to the following questions we will need to have a food truck intervention.

  1. Do you follow your favorite food trucks on Twitter?
  2. Do you watch your favorite food truck’s tweets to know their every move?
  3. Are you Twitter friends with over 10, 20 or even 30 food trucks?
  4. If a food truck announces a last minute location, will you jump in your car to rush to the destination?
  5. Will you wait in a massive line with a wait time of an hour or more just to get a bite of a food trucks savory goodness?
  6. Do you think food taste better when it comes out of a truck?
  7. When you hear about a food truck fair are you overjoyed with happiness? Especially if all of your favorites are in one location.
  8. Will you stay up late and drive to your favorite food trucks location?
  9. Do you spend hours hunting food trucks down?

If you have discovered that you are a food truck junkie its ok we can help, but first you must go to the Food Truck Fare tonight and get your last fix. Calling all of our Orange County apartment residents, this food-truck-fare-binge is right in your neighborhood and extremely close to our Laguna Beach apartments, Irvine apartments and apartments in Aliso Viejo. The event begins at 5:00PM tonight and ends at 9:00PM at the Orange County Fair Grounds parking lots. Enter Gate 1. Admission is free, food truck prices vary. This is a weekly event, if you need to get your foodie fix this event is for you. The food trucks vary weekly.

What is your favorite food truck and where is the last location you followed it too?

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