Posted By Heather Rusick on 2/17/12 11:47 AM

        Indoor Camping

Camping is a fun event whether you are with your family or friends. It’s a great time to bond with nature, but what do you do when mother earth rains on your parade? You bring the camping inside of course! Rain or shine you can always camp indoors, with a little creativity and an excitement you and beat mother earth at her own game. Forget about the great outdoors and start to love the great indoors! It’s time to light the fire and stay dry; we are bringing the camp experience inside.

There are a few necessities you will need for a successful campsite: a tent or two, sleeping bags/ blanks and flashlights.

  1. It’s time to setup the campsite! You can setup the campsite with your friends/family or do it yourself to surprise your campers when they get home – I say surprise, it makes it more special. Setup camp in a large-cozy room in your house where there is enough room to assemble a tent or two. Push all the furniture to the side of the room or move it to another room. Pop open your tent(s), rollout your sleeping bags and let the fun begin!
  2. Decorating time! Now that you have the basics it’s time to create the ultimate indoor camping experience. You will need glow-in-the-dark, chairs, plants (fake or real) and candles or camping lanterns. If you are feeling crafty you can even make an indoor campfire. Hang the stars on the walls and ceiling to create the sky (you can design your stars as constellations and you and your campers can look up at them and guess which ones they are), place the chairs and plants around the campsite and set the candles and/or lanterns on the floor and ‘picnic table’. To set the mood play a nature soundtrack with animals hooting and howling in the background – keep it on repeat all night and when you wake up in the morning you will forget you’re at home.
    • Remember there are no lights in camping, make sure all your indoor lights are off and only use the camping tools you have – if you need more lighting for your campsite click on a flashlight – but make sure you have plenty to go around.
  3. Dining Inside. Half the fun of camping is being able to eat delicious food 24/7, so make sure you have plenty of it easily accessible when you setup your campsite. For your main dish grab some meat and throw it on the bbq along with potatoes and veggies – don’t forget a flashlight, you do not want the meat to burn. Snack time (to be prepared before the campout) – prepare a cheese and cracker platter, chips and dip, finger sandwiches and any other of your favorite quick snacks. Desert is the most important meal when you are camping and tonight is no different; you are bringing the s’mores inside. Put gooey marshmallows on a long skewer, turn on your stove and start cooking. In no time you will have the magical taste that only marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers can create.
    • Your campers will probably get thirsty during your campout, fill canteens up with their favorite drink and have an ice chest with spare drinks inside.
  4. Activity Time! Now that you have your campsite up and running it is time to plan camping activities. Board games don’t travel well when you are camping outside but you are in luck today, not only are you free from pesky bugs you get to have some good ‘old fashion fun with your favorite board games. If you’re feeling a little antsy put together a scavenger hunt in the house and send your campers out to search for the hidden clues with only their flashlights. For a classic camp experience tell scary stories around the campfire. If you invited little ones to your campout you might want to ditch the scary stories and read aloud classic books or sing campfire songs. There are so many indoor camp activities that you can plan, you just need to think about what you would do if you were outside and do it inside.

Happy camping, I hope you have fun! This is a great activity whether you live in an apartment or a house. Send us pics of your indoor campsite and let us know what personal spin you added to your campsite!