Posted By Heather Rusick on 2/8/12 12:26 PM

anti valentines day party

Do you hate Valentine’s Day? Does the thought of cupid, roses, chocolate and love make you sick? If you answered yes then this blog is for you! On February 14, forget about the Hallmark holiday and rebel with an Anti-Valentines Day party at your apartment. Call your friends and let them know about your fab party, whether they hate Valentine’s Day this year or hate it every year – it will be way more fun than spending it alone. If you have a long list of guests attending and need more space to accommodate all your love-hater friends, you can rent the clubhouse at your Shea Apartment Community. You need to hurry though because Valentines Day is this Tuesday.  

As you put your list together, you may notice that you have included some of your “couple” friends who swear by your Anti-Valentines Day mantra. If they attend, you need to have a set of rules defined that they must to abide by all night. Hey, you don’t want to be digested by all their lovey-dove affection at your party. It’s only fair to you!

Couple’s Rules

  • When your couple friends arrive, in order for them to get past the door they must say one thing that bothers them about their other half. Please warn them not to be too mean, it is meant to be a funny way of entering.
  • There shall be no display of affection, no if, ands, or buts… This includes banning the words “I love you” and googly eyes from across the room.
  • Bragging about the gifts they got each other for Valentine’s Day is purely prohibited. If they even mum the words show them the door.

General Party Rules:

  • When your guests arrive, in order for them to enter they must tell you why they hate Valentine’s Day.
  • Red and pink clothing, decorations, food and cocktails are banned from the party along with images of teddy bears, roses, or hearts.
  • Stuffed animals, heart candy boxes or anything that replicated V-day is not allowed, if you see it throw it away!
  • If any of your guests violate the rules above they must be punished, in a funny way of course! Punishment could be a hat they wear around, a costume they put on - pretty much anything that will get a laugh.

You must warn your friends about the rules above.


This is the night to splurge! Comfort foods are the perfect fit for your Anti-Valentines Day menu. Here are some of the best: 

  • Pizza
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Grill Cheese Sandwiches
  • French Fries
  • Bacon Brownies
  • Ice Cream
  • Cookies (no heart shapes)

Now that you have your rules set and the menu planned, its time to put together some Anti-Valentines Day activities to entertain.

Great Activities for Your Party:

  • Have your guests bring one picture of their most hated ex. On a dart board, hang the pictures up one at a time and allow all your guests to take a shot. The top three people in the first round, that hit closest to the bulls-eye (to be determined by you) will move to the next round aka picture; along with the new pictures owner. In the last round the winner is determined by the closet shot to the bulls-eye.    
  • Share ‘worst date’ stories and award the best ‘worst date’ story a prize. Allow each person at the party to vote on their favorite story. This event will bring a lot of laughs.  
  • Have a dance contest to anti-love songs like “Love Stinks”.
  • Get romance book covers and have all your guests draw on them with their recreation of an anti-romance novel.
  • Make Anti-Valentines Day cards and have your guests read their Hallmark creation out loud. The most creative wins a prize. Allow each person at the party to vote on their favorite card.

Have a fabulous party celebrating your hate for Valentine’s Day. You may hate it this year but who knows about next, you might just fall in love.

Have you had an Anti-Valentines Day Party?