Posted By Heather Rusick on 2/7/12 10:37 AM

Valentines Day Dates

Valentine’s Day is a time to cherish the one you love, whether it is a new-blossoming relationship or a one that has stood the test of time. On Valentine’s Day 2012 think outside the box, ditch the traditional dinner and a movie date and spice it up. Here are five untraditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

  1. Plan a surprise trip. This can be for one night or a couple days. When your Valentine walks in the door February 14, have their bags packed and whisk them away on a romantic getaway. Since Vday is on Tuesday this year, make sure to secretly call their boss to alert them of their absence from work. The destination can be a local hotel or you can discover a new place together, whatever you do just order room service and enjoy your time together.
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt. Create a thoughtful scavenger hunt for your special someone and have them follow the clues to certain restaurants, retails stores and etc. When you arrive at each scavenger hunt location, purchase the item(s) that were mentioned on the clues to give them to your honey.  
  3. Cook a meal together. I love going out to dinner but there is just something sexy and intimate about cooking with the one you love at home. Create a three coarse menu that you have never cooked before, buy all the cooking supplies and when your sweetheart gets home put on some robs, pop open a bottle of wine and start cooking.
  4. Have a picnic. Whip up a romantic picnic basket feast, grab a blanket and a bottle (or two) of wine and take your honey to a special outdoor location where you can enjoy nature and each other.
  5. Volunteer together. There is nothing that melts your heart more than the thought of giving back. Donate yours and your sweethearts time to a homeless shelter, old folks home or an animal shelter and show others how big your hearts really are. Not only will you feel good about giving back but you will love your honey even more for doing such a selfless thing on Valentine’s Day.

To add a cherry on top of your Valentine’s Day plans, create a list of 10 reasons why you love the one your with and give it to them. This will not only warm their heart, but remind them of all the reasons they love you. However you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year I hope you spend this day remembering how lucky you are that you have found your other half!

What have you planned for Valentine’s Day?