Posted By Heather Rusick on 1/18/12 9:31 AM

yellow paint

It’s a new year and a new you, why not vamp up your apartment too. Ditch those white walls and give your apartment a pop of color. Choosing the right color for your apartment can be tricky, that’s why I am here to help. Before you grab that paint brush, make sure you check with your apartment management to confirm you are allowed to paint your walls. If you can’t, not to worry you can still give your apartment a splash of color without painting the walls; you will just have to get creative. Before we get to that blog lets discuss the best practice for picking a color for your apartment.

  1. Neutral. You cannot go wrong with painting your apartment walls in a neutral tone. The shades in this family will add warmth and comfort to any room.  Using a neutral color will allow you to add pops of color with fun accents like a rug, sofa pillows and etc. Light tan and beige are great colors that will go with any decorating style.
  2. Natural Shades. If you love the outdoors and would like to bring it in your apartment, light shades of blue and green are the perfect fit for you. These colors not only give your walls a colorful pop, they pull your eyes to the window which opens up the room. When choosing these colors make sure you are picking light shades. The best accent pieces to coordinate with light green and blue are whites, yellows and browns.
  3. Yellow. Who doesn’t love yellow?! It’s the color of sunshine. Painting your walls a bright yellow will open up any space; making it appear larger.  Another bonus is... Yellow is a color that makes people happy so when you have guest over you will have a bunch of happy people! It also makes a room feel warm and cozy. Wood furniture looks great in yellow rooms as well as white.

Painting your apartment walls in light colors will keep your space open and airy. If you are one who likes darker tones make sure your furniture is a light color with clean lines and keep the room free of clutter. A dark color will pull the walls in making a room feel smaller than it actually is, trust me I know. One time I decided to paint my bedroom rock star purple (a deep, deep purple) and put dark, handcrafted pieces of wood furniture in it. This did not last long, not only did the room feel closed off and sad, it made me sad and being sad is no fun. Remember neutral, natural and yellows are always going to be the best way to go when picking a color for your apartment, with so many colors in those tones I am sure you will find the one that fits your personality – good luck!

What color have you painted your apartment walls?