Posted By Heather Rusick on 12/29/11 9:44 AM

Kiddies New Years Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is not just for adults the kids love to celebrate this grand event too. If you in the mood to stay in on NYE, why not invite all your kiddies friends over and plan a kids New Year’s Eve extravaganza. Here’s how!

The Decorations

  • Just like any other kids party, you want it to be colorful and fun; think streamers and balloons. A candy theme would be perfect, with lollipop center pieces, a candy corner and more. After all, you want the kids to stay up until midnight and I have a feeling candy will do the trick.
  • Pass out party hats, tiaras and noise makers.  
  • Create a New Year’s Eve banner and hang it low enough for the kids to touch. As they come in have the kids write on the banner and then take a picture of them in front of it, so they have a little keepsake to take home.

The Crafts

You have to keep the kids busy in order to avoid fussing and fighting, confetti balloons should do the trick!

  • Give the kiddies construction, glitter and any other scraps they can make confetti with. Place a bowl in front of each child and have them put their confetti creation it.
  • Once the kids are finished grab a balloon, a funnel and one child’s confetti bowl. Place the funnel in the balloon and pour the confetti into the deflated balloon. Repeat for all children.
  • Once all the balloons are filled with confetti, blowup each of them and tie. Write the child’s name on the balloon with a sharpie or paint and pin to the wall. Make sure to pin the balloon by the bottom of the tie to avoid popping.
  • Give each kid a clothespin at the stroke of midnight and let them pop their balloon. I have to warn you this will get messy but they kids will enjoy.

The Refreshments

Keep this kiddie friendly! No need to get fancy.

  • Fruit punch should do the trick.
  • Hand sandwiches, chips, dips, fruit, veggies and crackers are a good choice for the main course.
  • Don’t forget the sweets!

Your kiddies will enjoy and their friend’s parents will thank you!

Do you have any other tips?