Posted By Heather Rusick on 12/13/11 10:10 AM

Creative Christmas Trees

Decorating for the holidays can be challenging when you live in an apartment. Your apartment might be roomy most of the year, but add a tree, some stockings and holiday extras, and you can feel like you’re living in a cluttered nightmare. If you’re like me and love making your home feel like Santa’s workshop but have limited space, here are a few tips on decorating your apartment for the holidays.

  1. Ditch the big, elaborate tree and substitute it for a small unique one. I’m not talking about the little fake guys that looks like an original pine. NO! Spice up your apartment with a crafty tree. Grab some branches at your local craft store, a vase, etc., and make your own. Or put all your wine corks to use with a wall tree. Whatever you decide to use to make your tree just have fun with it. Place your made creation on a table and decorate it with your favorite ornaments. Not only do you have a tree, you have a modern design that you can place all your presents under – who knows you might just keep it in your apartment all year round.
  2. Don’t have a fireplace but want to keep the holiday decorations going? When you find yourself without a fireplace but want to hang your stockings, its time to get creative. There are so many places you can hang them! If you have a shelf, table, window seal, or anything else that you see fit, just place stocking holders on top of them and your done. If this isn’t to your liking then hang your stockings on door knobs throughout your apartment. This is not only a great way to space out the decorations but a fabulous idea to give your doors some holiday spirit. Still not satisfied? Well then its time for you to make your own fireplace, you can get as crafty as you want with this project, check it out.
  3. To complete your holiday decoration extravaganza hang some Christmas lights in your hallways, on the ceiling and around your doors. White Christmas lights are a great way to add a subtle holiday feel.

These three things are your holiday decoration essentials. Remember less is more, especially if you still want to be able to move around your apartment.

How are you going to decorate your Shea Apartment this holiday season?