Posted By Heather Rusick on 10/19/11 4:31 PM

Halloween pumpkin

It’s a Halloween season of monsters, marvel heroes and more, and just because you have another half doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy. It’s time to grab the one you love and get creative, here is a list of costumes that will make heads turn this Halloween.

  1. Bacon & Eggs – I’m not going to lie this might be my favorite costume of all time! What could be better than bacon and eggs, its funny and an American classic breakfast - watch out too, people might just want to take a bit out of you when they see your delicious costume. Want to make it a family affair? No problem just throw you kiddie in a sausage or toast costume and you will have a complete meal.
  2. The Meat Dress & The Butcher – If want to be Lady Gaga but have an annoying partner that wants to do matchy-match costumes, not to worry this costume has you covered and you will be rocking her proud.
    1. The Butcher – Wear a white tee with white pants and a white apron. Add blood stains all over the outfit with red food coloring or fake blood. To accessorize carry a meat cleaver, I suggest you buy a fake one for safety reasons or you can make one out of cardboard and foil. Dirty up the meat cleaver with red dye to give it a “real” effect.
    2. The Meat Dress – To add your trendy Lady Gaga accent, take a plain white dress and use red markers to create meat patterns, or you can make meat patterns out of felt/paper/etc. and hot glue them on for a 3 dimensional look. Grab a white wig and a sparkly necklace and bracelet for the full meat dress look.
  3. Sexy Lady Frankenstein & Doctor Frankenstein – One of the hottest trends this season is Frankie Stein, so jump on the bandwagon and embarrass your kid with a matching outfit – the parents of Frankie Stein.
    1. Sexy Lady Frankenstein – Paint your face green from forehead to cleavage, this might get messy but will be well worth the finished costume. Outline your lips with black liner and fill them in with black lipstick. Place fake stitches on your forehand with black liner. Now it’s time for the outfit – throw on some green stockings and a sexy little dress and an oversized blazer. To finish the costume off paint your nails black and add white streaks to your hair.
    2. Frankenstein – He’s been around for a while but when you do his costume right it is a crowd pleaser. Paint your face green and add stitches coming down your forehead in black. You can either style your hair or throw a black wig on. Add two bolts (fake) to your neck to make the illusion that they are coming out. Throw a black outfit on: black t-shirt, black pants and a black blazer. Put your feet in some platform boots and you are set!
  4. Snooki & The Situation – As I said before the Jersey kids have been around for 3 seasons and they are still hot. With the scandal between Snooki and the Situation and the Sitch’s head slamming against a concrete wall (which he did himself), this couple not only knows how to stir up drama but they are in. To sum it up, if you want to be a couple of wild Italians this Halloween here’s how.
    1. Snooki – I know I went over this, but lets repeat... Orange, orange, orange with a big black pomp. This season she is trying to make a statement with big bows in her hair, if you want to be current Snooki throw one of those in too. When you’re thinking of an outfit all you need to remember is tight spandex dresses or super short skirts - the smaller and tighter, the better.
    2. The Situation – To look like the ultimate tool all you have to do is paint yourself orange, get some abs (or paint them in) and wear a tight Rebel Spirit t-shirt with Abercrombie sweats or jeans. Grab a pair of flashy aviator glasses and slick your hair back. You are now the Situation!
  5. Don Draper & A “Skirt” – Mad Men is hot, hot, hot this holiday and dressing like Don Draper will make you too. We all know that Don has a fancy for the ladies so to make your costume super official have your other half dress like a skirt (he doesn’t discriminate and like ladies of all flavors) - just a skirt will do.
    1. Don Draper – Part your hair and tame it with gel or wax. Keep your face clean shaven. Grab a slim-fitting suit or tux (I would go with suit) paired with a white collared shirt, a slick tie and shined shoes. If you really want to get into character grab a fake cigarette and hold a glass of whiskey with a briefcase in hand.
    2. A “Skirt” – This costume is easy and all you have to remember is you must get the “skirt” across. Wear a tan colored body suit or tank top with a bright colored skirt over. Only add minimal makeup and accessories because in the end it's all about the "skirt".

There are so many memorable moments and shows this year that you could recreate into iconic couples Halloween costumes, all you have to do is channel your inner creativity. Here are a couple of other ideas:

  • Katy Perry & Russell Brand
  • Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe
  • Justin Bieber & Fan
  • Social Media – Facebook & Twitter
  • J. Lo & Marc Anthony - Divorced

This Halloween season we would love to see the creativity our Shea Apartment Communities residents put into their costumes, so send us your pics.

What are you going to be this Halloween?