Posted By Heather Rusick on 10/10/11 10:04 AM

Halloween 2011

Halloween is just around the corner, have you thought about what you are going to be? It’s time for the Halloween Costumes of 2011 - Trick or Treat!

  1. Charlie Sheen – He’s made quite a stir this year with tiger’s blood, goddesses and excessive chain smoking. “Winning” will always come to mind when his name is mentioned. If you are ready to act like a wack-a-doo this Halloween season then he's the guy for you – just be prepared to see Charlie Sheen look-a-likes around every corner, it’s going to be a hot costume!
  2. Lady Gaga – Known for her outrageous fashion and amazing vocals, there are so many ways you can mimic Lady Gaga on Halloween, all you need is attitude. Get ready for some meat dresses, shower curtains, nude leotards & blazers, frog suits and some bling because this year is Lady Gagas year.
  3. Snooki – Whether the black-hair’d-pomp-queen is in Italy, Florida or the shores of Jersey, she is causing trouble and showing her kooka. This bonified quidette jumped on the scene a couple of years ago and her popularity is still growing! It is another year of low cut tops, short skirts, animal print, orange skin, big hair and pickles – Snooki is back!
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger – The former California Governor and Terminator made quite a stir when it was announced he fathered a child with his former maid some years ago – talk about keeping a secret. If that’s not scary, then what is? Look for muscles and t-shirts that state “I survived Maria” – not even a witch could inflict the pain he did!
  5. Anthony Wiener – Not only does he have a funny name but he was involved in a major sex scandal, sending pictures of his private parts  over Twitter... Opps! After weeks of covering the story up this former Senator came clean and stepped down from his position – it’s the Halloween for politicians!  
  6. Amy Winehouse – There is nothing funny about the death of Amy Winehouse, she was one talented singer. This rehab beauty will be honored this Halloween season with short skirts, high beehives and winged out eyeliner - bringing Amy back to life.  
  7. Thor – A big comeback on the big screen, the powerful yet arrogant worrier will be taking over the streets.
  8. Zombie – Vampires are out, Zombie’s have taken over 2011. An oldie but a classic, Zombie fever is in thanks to the popular TV show “The Walking Dead”.
  9. Frankie Stein – It’s monster season and what’s not hot about Frankie Stein, the young goth-girl daughter of Frankenstein. 
  10. Steve Jobs – Nobody will be hotter this holiday season than that of Steve Jobs - a hippy turned into an American icon as the CEO and co-founder of Apple. With his recent passing millions will pay their respects wearing a black t-shirt, faded jeans and an i(product) in hand. Not only was he a genius, he was the true American Dream.

So many events have defined 2011 and Halloween will be one place to see them all, what are you going to be this Halloween season?