Posted By Heather Rusick on 10/6/11 9:04 AM

beer in plastic bag

It's OC Beer Week and in celebration let's talk about beer today and tomorrow, to start... Some fun beer facts:

  • Did you know that prohibition began January 16, 1920, and lasted 13 years, 10 months, 19 days and 17 hour, and 35.5 minutes? It was rescinded on December 5, 1933 at 3:32PM.
  • The most expensive beer in the world is called Tutankhamen costing USA patrons a whopping $52.00 a bottle.
  • The strongest beer made is Sam Adams Utopias MMII, it contains 24% alcohol. If you are interested in a tasting it will cost you $100; there were only 3,000 bottles made.
  • If you want to make your salted peanuts dance, toss them in a glass of beer and the show will start.
  • Great American actors started out at bartenders serving up some of the finest beer – Sandra Bullock, Bruce Willis, Chevy Chase and Bill Cosby.
  • The first brewery in the United States was built in Hoboken, NJ in 1642.
  • In the 1900’s most saloons were owned by the breweries. The bartenders earned $10 to $15 per week, with Sunday bringing in the most business. 
  • Beer is an old timer, it dates back as early as 6,000 B.C. The very first recipe is found on a 4,000-year-old Sumerian tablet containing the Hymn to Ninkasi, a prayer to the goddess of brewing – I knew there was a beer god(dess)!
  • Pilgrims landed on the Mayflower on accident, they stopped at Plymouth rock rather than moving on because they ran out of beer.
  • In China you can buy beer in a bag – I wonder how they pour it?
  • And finally, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Now go enjoy a delicious beer at OC Beer Week Orange County apartment residents and let us know what restaurants you try, we’d love to hear from you! Send some comments our way.