Posted By Heather Rusick on 9/30/11 8:40 AM

Oc Beer Week

Beer lover it’s your time to shine, OC Wine Week is officially over this Sunday and is it the start of OC Beer Week. So tell your wives to put their wine glasses away, it’s officially man week - get your beer goggles on!

From October 2 – October 8, 2011, it’s beer of all flavors - light and dark, rice beer, wheat beer, barley beer and more. Grab your favorite beer mug, pilsner or pint glass and get ready to place it under the spout and fill it full of delicious beer! YUMMY! OC Beer Week works just like OC Wine Week, they just replace the wine with ice cold beer and a few extra restaurants. The Orange County restaurants will be creating fantastic menus and compliment them with beer pairings or beer flights (I know your mouth is watering). There are no tickets to be purchased, all you have to do it head to one of the participating restaurants and enjoy the flavors.

And sorry beer drinkers, there is no lauch party to officially start OC Beer Week but you do get a discount off Shrek the Muscial, yeah! Use promo code BEER and get your tickets for 25% off - with savings like that, you’ll have plenty of $$$ left over to drink beer all week long!

There are great restuarants that are close to all of our Orange County apartments, so be there or be square!

Where are you going to head first?