Posted By Heather Rusick on 9/26/11 10:51 AM

the flavors of red and white wine

In celebration of OC Wine Week I am going to talk about all things wine this week, so get ready Shea Apartment Community residents it’s wine time! I think describing the different types of wine (the top 4 in the red & white families) would be a great topic to start with, so lets begin...

The whites…

CHARDONNAY – A popular wine of the white family, Chardonnay can take on a variety of flavors. This light, dry wine can be semi-sweet or sour and typically tastes like apple, tangerine, lemon, lime, melon and oak. Primarly grown in California, a Chardonnay goes great with poultry, seafood and a light red meat dish. It also brings out flavors  of gruyere, provolone, and brie. Test it out and let me know!

PINOT BLANC – The runt of the group, this wine comes from mutated grapes and is perfect for summer drinking. It is very light in flavor and has a mild taste of nuts and honey.

PINOT GRIGIO – This delightful white wine comes straight to us from Italy (we’ll it’s primarly grown there) and has a fruity and flowery taste with flavors of peach, grapefruit and melon. Pinot Grigio goes good with light dishes with thick textures such as chicken with a rich sauce or eggplant with heavy spices – delic!

RIESLING – Known as a late-ripening grape, a Riesling wine has a moderate yield with a sharp taste. A well matured Riesling can hold sweet, complexed flavors. Reisling goes great paired with seafood and chocolate.

And I saved the best for last, the reds…

PINOT NOIR – My favorite and one of the noblest red wines on the branch, Pinot Noir has a delicate and fresh taste with fruity aromatics and notes of earth, leather, vanilla and jams – the jam flavors can taste like raspberry, strawberry and plum. Pinot Noir is a great match with pasta and light beef dishes.

SYRAH – Grown mostly in California, Syrah is a fruity wine full of flavor – spicy blackberry, plum and pepper with notes of licorice, bitter chocolate and mocha. This yummy wine is affected by tempature changes and will take on different flavors based on the weather - warmer weather will bring out the plum in the grapes and cooler tempatures will kick up the spice. Syrah is great accompanied with beef, along with hearty and spicy foods – think Mexican.

MERLOT – Being on the softer side of the red wine family, Merlot is a mellow wine with great complexity. This wine has flavors such as plum, orange and black cherry, and is perfect to pair with beef, pasta and chocolate.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON – An oldie but a goodie, Cabernet Sauvignon is the name of both the grape and the wine. It is a full bodied wine with depths of complexity and rich in flavor – a Cab can come with a heavy kick. The primary taste of a Cabernet Sauvignon is black current with notes of blackberry and mint; the wine is aged in oak and takes on an oaky vanilla flavor as well. Paired with beef, chedder cheese, brie and chocolate will bring out the delicious flavors of this rich and hearty wine. 

Now go enjoy a glass or two of wine and OC Wine Week!

What’s your favorite wine flavor?