Posted By Heather Rusick on 9/16/11 10:30 AM

the neighborhood cupAbout The Neighborhood Cup

The Neighborhood Cup is a unique coffee house full of flavor with a focus on local business relationships, the community, environmental responsibility, art, music, entertainment, customer service, menu quality & menu selection. You won’t be disappointed when you visit their Aliso Viejo location because they’re not just pouring you a plain cup of Joe. At The Neighborhood Cup, your morning coffee, your mid-day blended mocha, or your evening hot tea will be a story and an experience that is... more than just coffee so walk over today and enjoy your experience; it’s only steps away from your City Light at Town Center Apartment.

Local Business Relationships
Building relationships with local businesses through networking, cross-marketing, and genuine friendships is important. The Neighborhood Cup is an independent, family-run business that looks forward to working within their local business community.

Community, Charities, Support
As a member of the community, The Neighborhood Cup will take part in supporting local concerns and hosting cause-related fundraising and charitable events. They work jointly on efforts benefiting such groups as the local fire and police agencies, the public library, and groups that support awareness and solutions for issues like breast cancer, domestic violence, illiteracy, and child illnesses.

Environmental Responsibility
As the coffee industry grows, coffee grounds are taking up more valuable landfill space. The Neighborhood Cup will offer used coffee grounds to customers and nurseries to use as compost, provide recycling containers to further assist in recycling efforts. The Neighborhood Cup will sponsor informational programs in order to help teach others on how to protect our precious environment.

Art Gallery
The Neighborhood Cup has an art gallery that will display the works of local and national artists. See amazing works in a variety of styles. Join them as they welcome in featured artists with a special monthly gallery event. Come and meet the artist and find out what has inspired them and how they created their masterpieces.

The beautiful atrium that is part of the Orange County Public Library provides a perfect venue for musicians to showcase their talents. The Neighborhood Cup will be the place to enjoy the diverse sounds of local musicians - jazz, folk, acoustic, blues and much more.

Entertainment & Activities
Throughout the week, The Neighborhood Cup will sponsor various activities like chess tournaments, poetry readings, food and drink tastings, open mic nights and TV Variety Show Nostalgia Night. Informational short programs and speakers will be offered during the day for you to take part in during lunch break or while waiting for children to finish library activities ...or just to get out on a nice day.

Customer Service
The Neighborhood Cup is committed to always providing the highest standard of customer service from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you're on your way out. They recognize that great customer service requires a friendly smile, effective communication and delivery of products made and served with care.

Menu Quality
Through extensive research, product testing, continuing education and a creative flare, The Neighborhood Cup has created a menu that will WOW you and remains consistently wonderful day in and day out.

Menu Selection
The Neighborhood Cup offers a full espresso bar, specialty award-winning gourmet coffee and whole beans, loose leaf teas, refreshing ice blended drinks, 100% real fruit smoothies, and other stimulating beverages - both hot and cold.

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