Posted By Heather Rusick on 9/5/11 8:00 AM

heart money

Have you ever experienced the uncomfortable talk about bills and rent with your future roommates? The dreaded, who is going to pay what and why. With school back in session, students are renting apartments faster than ever and I am sure difficult decisions are being made about rents, cable choices and more. How can you make rent fair to everyone in your apartment and avoid creating an awkward roommate relationship?

Problems that may arise when you rent an apartment with roommates:


  • Unequal room sizes
  • Some rooms have better amenities than others - walk-in closets, private bathrooms, additional storage & etc.
  • People are sharing rooms

In many apartments room sizes vary along with the amenities that come with them, these variations can cause tension among roommates if they are not split evenly. To elevate some of the drama, I would consider evaluating the room spaces and amenities, and raise the rent share to those who occupy the rooms. A preferable solution, to make all roommates happy and satisfied, is to set rents to each room before the move-in date. Then each party can choose their room based on the rent rate that fits their wallet, avoiding the resentment that would occur if all parties split evenly. A great tool to use in such dilemmas is the rent share calculator. This is a drama free solution that will divide up the rent based on the size of the rooms and amenities – test it out, I did and I love it - it might just be a starting point but hey you have to start somewhere!

How do you divide up the rent with your roommates?