Posted By Heather Rusick on 7/29/11 10:11 AM

Children Cleaning Games Do your kids moan and groan when you give them chores? Or screech when you ask them to pick up their room? Summer is a time for fun and games, so why not make cleaning the apartment just as enjoyable. No one wants to clean, not even adults, but if you use these simple little games with your kiddies, they will be having fun in no time and won't even notice that they are cleaning up the apartment.

3, 2, 1 – GO

Divide the chores up among yourself and your children - make a race out of it, winner gets ice cream! Have a stop watch handy and when you are all ready to go, make a spectacle out of the start, press the stop watch and everyone races to their chores. People are competitive by nature and no one wants to be in last place, so you can get the chores done faster and have a great time doing it.

Music Please!

Every child is familiar with the game musical chairs, it is a birthday favorite – so it is time to bring the musical chairs to your chores. Pop your iPod on the speakers, put on your favorite mix and press play. Everyone begins cleaning, when the song switches each person moves to a new task. Make sure to give your children their chores beforehand so they are not confused where to move to when the song switches. If they don’t complete the task during the first song, not to worry, they can do a rotation until all the chores are 100% complete. By using this tactic you will keep the kids enthusiastic while cleaning the apartment and add some tunes for excitement.

Find The Treasure

Get your treasure hunt on.  Hide notes/coins underneath items in the rooms that your children are cleaning, as they clean the rooms they will find the hidden treasure. When your kiddies have finished with their chores they can cash in their treasure for a treat. Fun and prizes, what more could a child ask for?

Theme it Up

Themes are just a great way to transform anything dull into a fun experience. Divide each room in your house into a theme, the living room is 80’s theme, the kitchen is wig theme, etc. When you and your children go to clean each room you have to change into the appropriate outfit, the more you clean the more you change. Or to give your children a little power, allow them to choose the themes they want to clean. Put different music in each room, it’s all about being creative!

Do you have any children cleaning game recommendations?