Posted By Heather Rusick on 7/11/11 8:58 AM


Instant gratification. What’s yours? Mine is shopping on the Internet; there is just something about making a purchase online that puts a smile on my face. Last week while I was surfing the web I came across one of a kind, hand painted wine glasses designed by a true talent. I’m not talking about the mass produced Lolita brand, although I do adore, but unique glasses fit for any occasion. When I laid my eyes on these awesome wine glasses I knew I had just found my instant gratification for the day.  I decided to order some of these gorgeous glasses for my girlfriends and customize them with their initials. I am going to surprise the girls at a wine party I am hosting at my orange county apartment next week, they will be excited to receive such a treasure.

It is very rare to find beautiful, hand painted glasses, but JDBOUTIQUE features an assortment of designs. From custom toasting flutes for your special day, wine glasses for a girl’s night in and margarita glasses perfect for entertaining - you choose the style and JDBOUTIQUE will customize it for you!

A Little History…

JDBOUTIQUE was founded by 23-year-old Jessie Durban, a Mission Viejo local. She has always had a passion for art and began painting at a young age. In 2010 Durban decided to combine her love of wine and art into her own little cocktail boutique.

“Being a lover of a fine wine and all things chic, fashionable and artistic, I made the decision to combine two of my great loves together and design wine glasses. I feel that you should always make a statement, even when drinking wine, and JDBOUTIQUE makes it possible,” said Durban.

I urge you to go and check out this great boutique, you will not be disappointed and might just leave the website with a little instant gratification, not to mention a custom glass.

What was your last instant gratification purchase?