Posted By Heather Rusick on 5/9/11 9:08 AM

top chef dinner party

You know how I love dinner parties, let’s keep the ball rolling and talk about hosting a Top Chef dinner at your California apartment. Yeah, so excited I love Top Chef! This will also be a crowd pleaser with your friends!

First, things first! Invitations.

You must invite your guest first and what better way then with invitations. These invitations need to be unique, just like your party; think of craft day when you are making your invites. Be sure to ask your guests to bring their best recipe, or to make it even more interesting, surprise them with a quick fire challenge and give the ingredient of the night right on the spot.

Prepare = Rules.

This isn’t just any dinner party, this Top Chef dinner party comes with rules. Create your rules around the show. The most common rules are time restraints, food must be cooked on the premise and all dishes should showcase the main ingredient. Also, remind the contestants they need to make enough food to feed all the guests, whether it is an appetizer or a main dish. Before you start, double  check that your contestants have a full understanding of the rules!

Go Shopping.

Since you are hosting the party you need to make sure you have enough ingredients for your cooks to prepare their meals. There are three ways to do this, first by buying the whole store, this might get expensive but at least your cooks will have everything they need for the challenge. Second, make a limited cooking ingredients list, just make sure that everything you get prepares well together and there are enough options for your cooks. Third, have your cooks send a list of ingredients they will need, this is the easiest way but no very impromptu. Don’t forget to pick up cocktails for the spectators; they will need to have drinks in hand while watching the show.


Choose two of your friends to be judges for the night, yourself included. The three of you will taste all of the dishes before they go out to the guests. The dishes should be judged on taste, presentation, creativity and use of the main ingredient. Once you have all stated your opinion, you will secretly discuss your favorite dish and announce the winner.

Before the Main Event.

When all your guests have arrived at your apartment, to get them in a Top Chef mood, have a “mini quick fire challenge” cook-off – it will be a fun and interesting way to get the party started. Give each guest 5 minutes to put together a meal with predetermined ingredients and have the winner of the challenge advance to the next “mini” round (you decided the rounds, it’s your party). If you want to be funny, the first round can be as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, be creative with this party!

Top Chef time! Don’t forget to end the night with “you can pack up your knives and go” to each losing contestant aka friend.

  • Make sure you have enough cookware for your guests, along with aprons.
  • Give your Top Chef party a theme and run with it, it will make the party more festive.
  • For more information about Top Chef and a list of some great recipes, visit

Tell us about your Top Chef party experience, we would love to hear.