Posted By Heather Rusick on 5/2/11 9:30 AM

spring cleaningThe flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. That means spring is here! It's time to freshen up that dingy apartment and get rid of the winter blues – let the sunlight in!!!

What is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is one of those things that happens once a year, (in the beginning of spring) where you clean your house from top to bottom, de-clutter and organize. That’s right, its time to get your cleaning supplies out of the cupboard because it is the biggest cleaning day of the year! You’re probably going to need a week to do a thorough cleaning so set one aside and clean one end of your apartment to the other. 

A couple things to make your life easier during that spring cleaning week.

  • Plan quick and easy meals – You and your family are going to be hard at work cleaning your apartment and you don’t want to get stuck in the kitchen cooking too. So plan your meals ahead of time to make your life easier, think crockpot, sandwiches – you get the idea!
  • Keep a checklist – As you are cleaning you will probably notice dings in the paint or items getting old and need replacement. Don’t bother yourself with these items, just keep a running tally of the fixes and when you are done with your spring cleaning you can attend to them; there’s no need to get sidetracked.
  • Designate an area in one room – There are going to be a lot of things you will need to sort through, throw away, etc. If you designate a room, basket or anything that works for you, you can place those items in the area while you are cleaning and go back to them later.

Checklist – Here we go, I hope you’re prepared for this hefty duty list! Before you start any room in the house make sure to do a quick cleanup. Clear out all the clutter, get rid of trash, laundry and etc., this will allow you to have full access to the cleaning areas, so you can give the room a deep cleaning.

Kitchen – This is always a great place to start!

  1. Dust down ceiling and corners, including walls, trim, switch plates, doors and door knobs.
  2. Take down curtains, drapery and blinds, and wash them.
  3. Empty all the cabinets and draws, wipe them down, and remove the little crumbs that get stuck inside. Place contents back neatly and get rid of unneeded items.
  4. Wash cabinet doors and knobs.
  5. Clean and organize pantry, throw away expired or stale food.
  6. Clean stove, remove burn knobs, stove plates and grate to clean.
  7. Clean oven. If you are lucky enough to have one with self-cleaning, turn that on first and then wipe down.
  8. Clean and organize the fridge and freezer. Defrost if necessary. Wash coils.
  9. Clean microwave, wash glass cooking tray.
  10. Wipe down all counters and appliances.
  11. Wash window seals (make sure to really get in there) and windows. Don’t forget to take off the screens and wash the outside of the windows.
  12. Wash counters and backsplash. Reseal grout lines if needed. A great way to really dig into the grout lines is to clean them with a toothbrush and bleach!
  13. Wash floors and dust all light fixtures.

Living Areas – This means dining room, living room, bedrooms & more.

  1. Move furniture and vacuum underneath. Vacuum sofas.
  2. Put blankets, throws, pillows, linens, etc. in the wash.
  3. Wash all windows, window seals, doors and knobs.
  4. Clean lamps and lampshades.
  5. Dust all electronics. Replace remote control batteries.
  6. Dust shelves, furniture and decor.
  7. Tidy wires and hide them out of sight.
  8. Wash floors, steam clean carpets and rugs.
  9. Dust art, update family photos.
  10. Flip and vacuum mattresses. 

Bathrooms – They are never fun but have to be done!

  1. Dust down ceiling and corners, including walls, trim, switch plates, doors and door knobs.
  2. Clean out vents and dust the fans, if you need to, take off the light fixtures and wash them gently before replacing. 
  3. Take down curtains, drapery and blinds, wash them.
  4. Wash window seals and windows.
  5. Empty all the cabinets, drawers and closets, wash inside, place items back neatly. Don’t forget to go through the items before you place them back in the draws, cabinets and closets, there might be some extra clutter you don’t need.
  6. Clean sink, tub, drains and toilet. Remove seat cover from toilet for a thorough cleaning.
  7. Sweep and wash floors – the best way to get a deep cleaning is on your hands and knees.
  8. Reseal grout lines, this will prevent mold.

Geez, I’m exhausted already! Happy Cleaning!

Do you have any spring cleaning tips to add?