4 Valentine Gifts That Don’t Suck

Posted By Heather Rusick on 2/12/15 7:00 AM


Valentine's Day - over commercialized nonsense or essential date on the romantic calendar? Whatever your views, unless you and your partner have mutually agreed to ignore the day altogether, you’re going to need to come up with the goods, gift-wise, or risk offense, the cold shoulder and sleeping on the couch.

The two secrets to a great Valentine’s Day gift are thought and effort. Anyone can go and splash some cash - picking something more thoughtful which has involved your own blood, sweat, tears and hot glue gun burns makes a much more romantic gesture. 

1. Mason Jar Romance

The humble mason jar can be a sweet and quirky Valentine gift which you can tailor exactly to your partner’s personality. Fill it with love notes on tiny scrolls, or fold heart shaped pieces of paper and on each one write a date or activity idea, to be used once a week until next Feb. This kind of gift is a reminder of your love which lasts well past Valentine’s Day itself, and since it involves quite a bit of effort on your part, you get full kudos for trying.

2. Experience Day

What would your partner love to do? Learn how to cook from a top chef? Try an adrenaline sport? Go to the races? Pick something you wouldn’t normally do, and preferably something you can enjoy together, and either arrange the date yourself or buy a ready-made experience day package. If you’re not sure what he or she would really love to do, get a voucher instead and sit down to choose the activity together.

3. Special Relationship Moments

How about creating an album packed with hand-picked photos of special moments from your time together? Annotate each one with why it means so much to you, and mix it up between formal moments and candid or funny snapshots, even selfies. Bind and decorate it with love, and bingo - instant Valentine bliss. 

4. Romantic Night In

Avoid the crowds and create a five star hotel experience at home. Order take-out or make a delicious dinner from scratch, served with a really good bottle of champagne. Hangout in bathrobes, listen to a romantic playlist and draw up a candlelit bubble bath. Have fun with this and most importantly, anticipate your sweetheart’s unexpressed needs for a luxury hotel experience. 

You could go down the flowers, chocolates and jewelry or underwear route, of course but these more quirky ideas can be done relatively cheaply (added bonus) and will bring a smile to even the most cynical of partners. Hopefully. Good luck!